Q: How do I order?
A: we made it easier than ever to order by offering a range of services. First of all you can go the traditional way and give us a call on 02085997300. Popping in the shop, using one of our partners; JustEat, Hungryhouse and HeyMenu. Or you can order online via our app and website which is much cooler and unlocks exclusive offers!

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes, only during the evenings. We deliver with a 3 mile radius of our shop, these include the postcodes; RM1, RM2, RM3, RM6, RM7, RM8, RM9 and RM10, we also go to IG1, IG2 and IG3. Orders cost £1.50 (this is to pay the driver), but orders that are over £15.00 will get free delivery.

Q: When do you open?
A: We open every day excluding Tuesdays. Lunch starts at 12pm up to 3pm where we will take a break to have lunch ourselves and prepare for the evening. We reopen again at 5pm up to 11:30pm. For a full timetable, please visit our opening hours page.

Q: How do I visit you guys in store?
A: we are located on 19 Rowallen Parade, Green Lane, Dagenham, London RM8 1XU. Great public transport links are also available, the nearest train station is Goodmayes, and the 364 stops directly outside at Bus Stop J (Green Side).

Q: do you offer any freebies and other offers?
A: We sure do! Apart from free delivery for over £15, we also offer free prawn crackers for orders over £15, a bottle of soft drink for orders over £30, and finally a bottle of wine for orders over £40. That’s not all though, we often run discounts and giveaways on our social media, so make sure you follow us on there so you would be notified.

Q: I have a complaint, who shall I contact?
A: We’re sorry to hear that, we understand that things doesn’t always go to plan, for a better response please contact our team on 02081334737 or sending an e-mail to nihao@chinesegourmet.co.uk. All complaints will be reviewed by management to insure it’s dealt with correctly. Please do not call the main line.

Q: I love your takeaway, how can I help?
A: Awww, thanks we love you too! The best way is to tell your friends and family about us, this could be in person, word of mouth is still very important, or sharing and interacting with our social media posts. If you’re ordering on our partners, leave a kind review on HeyMenu, Hungryhouse or JustEat. These little things help us get notice, and really shows that you guys care.

Q: Are you guys hiring?
A: Not right now, our team might be small, but we are a close knit one, we are almost family and very rarely people leaves, but if you are interested, please contact us with your info and we can get back to you if we look for new talent. More information could be found on our recruitment page.

Q: What do you recommend?
A: Mmm, so many choices, could we tempt you with our House Special Curry or Sliced Lamb in Sea Spicy Sauce? The sweet and sour chicken is excellent too!

Q: Ni hao, what does that mean and why is your main e-mail called this?
A: Ni hao means hello, and instead of a boring with a contact or info name, we thought we will be a bit creative, as every time you contact us, it’s a Ni hao! If you see us, feel free to greet us with this. It means, You good?

Q: What are the Chinese characters I see on your logo and social media?
A: it’s our Chinese name, you pronounce it as Tang Yuan, and now you can say your favourite takeaway in its native language!

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